E-learning is a new approach to education that enables learners to learn at any time and in any place. In recent years, valuable experiences have emerged in the field of e-learning combined with educational, cultural, legal, regulatory, technical and infrastructure complexities.
Therefore, human, organizational and managerial capacity building in the e-learning system of the country needs to address the challenges posed by lack of definition, literature and regulations, and the need to revitalize common perceptions of new educational and training roles associated with the use of ICT. Educational design and curriculum.

Implementation of information technology in the field of education requires standards of e-learning system. In this regard, considering the importance and necessity of improving the quality of higher education, in order to increase the efficiency in the field of modernization of the educational system and utilizing new educational tools, especially e-learning, as well as equipping, setting up and using higher education centers, the Regulations Accordingly, this should be done by the Ministry of Science and Research and Technology.