Bringing up the standards of living in all countries requires improving the quality of management in economical organizations, society, production, and services. To accomplish continuous development and improvement, more economic opportunities must be provided for the country, and try to improve their management utilizing the knowledge-based development model. Improved management will lead to improved productivity, thereby enabling better use of existing capacities and facilities. As a result, it will provide a more desirable supply of goods and services.

Achieving this position requires a prospective, ethical manager who adequately equipped with up-to-date knowledge and skilled in using management tools. With such an attitude, the Master course of Business Management (MBA) prepares people with various expertise for management. The training and empowerment of human capital to carry out an effective role in the business management field is the main objective of the business management field. Field participants are students with extensive work experience. They often graduate in engineering or basic sciences fields which are looking for the required knowledge to improve managing their businesses.