The MSc Finance program is designed to foster financial science professionals. To comprehensively cover the various facets of the financial sciences, six specialized subfields, including Financial Engineering and Risk Management, Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, Finance and Investment Law, and Investment in Oil and Gas is considered. There are also plans to add some other subfields in the future, such as financial management of businesses and investments.

1- Financial management includes management of resources, consumptions and investments in businesses.
2- Investigating and analyzing various types of investment opportunities and leading them towards productive economic opportunities and providing the basis for the growth of the capital and Bourse market in the country.
3- Inventing new types of financial products regard to Islamic law, analyzing and pricing all types of financial products and considering their risk management.
4- Scientific analysis and management of banks, including portfolio management of credits and banking resources, offering new types of Islamic banking products and managing different types of risks in the banking system and assisting the growth and development of the country's monetary system.
5- Investigating, analyzing and helping manage insurance companies and providing a variety of insurance products to cover all the needs in this market regards to Islamic law.
6- Analyzing and assisting real estate market management using new scientific topics and helping to develop a variety of housing financing methods to solve housing problems in Iran.